The Four Great Imams by Dr. Hesham al-Awadi (Awakening Media)

Assalam alaykum Dear Ummah,

Here we hoped to promote this wonderful compilation of CD’S highlighting the amazing lives, families & characters of the four great Imams. Regardless on what fiqh you follow, this is definitely by far an amazing, inspirational, educating & rewarding experience of knowledge no Muslim can afford to miss.

The Four Great Imams (13 audio CD set in travel vinyl box)

The Four Great Imams – Abu Hanifah, Malik, Shafi’i and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, have been traditionally presented as the founders of Islamic Jurisprudence or Fiqh. This series seeks to introduce a new dimension to the way their lives are viewed today, by focusing on their characters, and their personal interaction with their families, teachers, students, and society at large. It aims to re-emphasise their strong relevance to a wider Muslim audience who might possess interests beyond the sphere of Fiqh. This series reflects on the various stages of the lives of the Four Great Imams, as teenagers, students, teachers, fathers, and active members in their communities, and as contemporary ‘role models’, particularly to the young generation Muslims living in the West. The series also offers a fascinating insight into the golden era of Islamic history, with prime attention given to the factors and institutions that led to the emergence and development of the Four Great Imams.

This video clip focusing on the mother of Imam Shafi’i  (RA) is a short taster of what you can expect to discover in this impressionable & motivating series:

Publisher: Awakening Media

Author: Dr. Hesham al-Awadi

Price: £40.00
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