Teaching Children the Meaning of Hajj & Umrah

Assalam alaykum Dear Readers,

Today we target an issue every parent at some point has come to face with their kids. Especially towards the time when many Muslims are preparing themselves for the special journey and experience of Hajj or Umrah.

The fact that Hajj is one of our 5 pillars of Islam makes it so important, and actually even obligatory for us to teach our offspring about this very special and important pilgrimage we all have to face and accomplish at least once in our lives if we are blessed with the means to do so.

Hajj Umrah kids Teaching Children the Meaning of Hajj & Umrah

We are not experts in this field but we do hold many beneficial literature that can come in useful in this regard, from board games to books, puzzles, stories and audios. So we strongly recommend you take a look at our selection an see if you are able to put them to some use. Many Schools and part time organisations have tried and tested them for years with no complaint.

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We hope that you found this post to be useful, if there is anything else you have in mind to suggest please do so in our comments section.


Wassalam alaykum




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