Handy Recipe Books for Ramadan Cooking

Assalam Alaykum Dear Readers,

With Ramadan not far now, we thought to share our collection of handy recipe books we have to offer here on our website theislamicestablishment.com

In Ramadan most of us like to change the menu slightly and have something different & special. We are fasting all day and usually feeling more & more drained out closer to Maghreb time. The thought and few glimpses of what is planned for Iftaar is what usually gives us that extra excitement & energy to get us through to the end of the day.

Ramadan is also a time for giving & sharing so it’s not surprising to find ones self hosting more dinner parties & Iftaar’s, seeking extra rewards & striving for any extra good deeds you can grab your hands on.

But spicing up our menu for Ramadan and preparing really wow dishes for these occasions can take up a lot of valuable time & effort. Extra time that can be spent reading Quran & Islamic books of reflection, teaching our children about Islam, Ramadan & reminding them on the reasons we Muslims are fasting etc. When taking this into careful consideration, it is only logical to plan well prior to this sacred & special month so that we are as productive as possible & not too tired for our Tarawih/Night Prayers, making the most of every second of every day.

Having a range of multicultural cooking books can give you all the inspiration you need to plan your Ramadan menu before hand, saving you that hour we all take to actually decide what your cooking & checking what ingredients you have. Knowing already what your cooking allows you to pre-prepare your foods, desserts, side dishes & starters and freeze what you can for easy & less time consuming WOW meals. Things like Somosa’s & pastries can easily be pre-made and cooked from frozen, but for main dishes such as Curries & Tajins, you may want to pre slice/chop all your onions, garlic & coriander for example and put them in appropriate portions to freeze, taking them out as & when you need them, they brown just as nicely in the butter/ghee just as fresh onions do. Rotti, chapatti & Naan dough can be pre-made & freezed in floured balls of preferred size. Spices can be pre-mixed ready to add to your dishes all in one go etc. Jams & pureed  fruit can be pre-made & kept in the fridge for crumbles, strudels or milk puddings. Desserts cant always be pre-made but their pasty dough can be, and if you know what your having for each night insha ALLAH, you can at least make sure you have all the ingredients ready at hand.

We have a lovely selection of books to choose from & they can be easily delivered FREE right to your door.

We pray that Allah (swt) accepts our efforts Insha Allah & blesses us with the ability & knowledge & guidance to make this the most productive Ramadan to date & allows us the opportunity to live until then to reach & fulfill our intentions & religious goals, Insha ALLAH amin.


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