Hadith of Aisha (RA) Animated Typography – Allah will Provide

Assalam alaykum dear Brothers & Sister’s in Islam,

Today we would like to share a quite popular & entertaining You Tube video that has touched the hearts of many, it is an animated Typography of the famous hadith related by our dearest Mother of the Muslimeen Aisha bint Abu Bakr Asiddiq, wife of our dearest beloved prophet in Islam (saaws).

The animation of this Hadith of Aisha with her servant Bariya (R.A) tells us the story of when she is asked to give for the sake of Allah, when she had only possessed a handful of wheat. She had faith in Allah, that HE (SWT) will provide. She had certainty that Allah will provide, and Allah provided for them.

The video was inspired by Productive Muslim, it certainly helps engrave the importance of putting our sincere trust in our Creator deep into our hearts. Please enjoy and share fisabillah.


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