April SALE Offer – 25% off all Children’s Islamic Toys

Assalam alaykum dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam,

YES, you heard correctly! Starting from today, 21st April up until the 25th April 2014, we are reducing all our Islamic children’s toys by 25% .

We highly advice you to take advantage of this limited 5 day offer, this is your chance to stack up on those beneficial, educating Muslim games,flash cards, stickers, dolls & puzzles. Why not buy gifts for future achievements, events & family visits, don’t miss out on this opportunity to educate, as well as put a smile on a child’s face. Every act, letter or word they learn from these educating gifts will insha Allah be written in our book of deeds we long & yearn to receive in our right hand.

Islamic Toy Sale April SALE Offer   25% off all Childrens Islamic Toys

Please visit us theislamicestablishment.com or alternatively you can pop into our store & view the wide variety of productive & Muslim friendly Toys. These rare Islamic Toys that any Muslim Mother or Father with the means of attaining it for their young child, will attain it for them with the intention of pleasing their Lord. With the intention to help contribute towards strengthening their child’s Knowledge of Islam, their love for their Creator & blessed prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace & blessings be upon him)

May Allah guide us & protect our children from the whispers of shaytaan, the influence of western culture & accept our intentions & actions fisabillah, amin.

Wassalam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakettu


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