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My Ummah (Vocals Only) - Sami Yusuf

After the phenomenal global success of al-Muallim, Sami Yusuf returns with the highly anticipated new album 'My Ummah'My Ummah is a genre transcending album with melodies and lyrics that grab you after the very first listen-through.

The new album deals with amongst other things - issues such as unity, spirituality, sisters struggle to wear the scarf, terrorism, human brotherhood, faith, and songs about Allah and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

With contribution from the famous Indian poet and lyricist 'Ustadh Mehboob' and a track featuring Danish rap group Outlandish, this album is sure to be another success God willing. In July 2003, British Muslim artist Sami Yusuf released his debut album Al Mullim to unprecedented acclaim and success. 

01. My Ummah Intro 02. My Ummah 03. Hasbi Rabbi 04. Ya Rasulallah 05. Try not to Cry (feat Outlandish) 06. Muhammad (SAW) 07. Make a Prayer08.

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