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Virtues of Hajj by M.M. Zakariya


Virtues of Hajj by M.M. Zakariya


Maulana Yusuf had for two years been advising me on the need for such a book, but in spite of my promises nothing had materialized. When Allah desires something to be accomplished, He prepares the way for it from His own side. Thus it had been my habit for it from His own side. Thus it has been my habit annually since the demise of Maulana Ilyas (May Allah have mercy on him) to spend the month of Ramadhan from the 29th Shaban to the 2nd Shawal in Nizamuddin, returning (to Saharanpur) on the 2nd Shawal. Having had to remain in Nizamuddin for some necessary work until of the booklet on Hajj and its virtues when on the night of Eid, the time dawned for loved ones to gather at the door of the Beloved (i.e. when the season of Hajj commenced) my longing to be at the Holy House in Makkah also became most intense. This usually happens to me annually from the dawn of Shawal to the month of Zilhijja. At such a time here in Nizamuddin on Wednesday the 3rd of Shawal 1366, I thus commenced this work for Allah's sake with full reliance on Him. 

It is my intention to prepare ten short chapters on various aspects of Hajj, which shall deal with: 

Chapter 1-Encouragement towards performing Hajj. 
Chapter 2 - Grave warnings for not performing Hajj. 
Chapter 3 - Enduring the inconveniences of the Hajj journey. 
Chapter 4 - The meaning of Hajj. 
Chapter 5 - The manner of performing Hajj. 
Chapter 6 - Behavior in Makkah and its virtues. 
Chapter 7 - On Umrah. 
Chapter 8 - Visiting the grave of Rasulullah Salaam. 
Chapter 9 - The Aadaab for the Ziarat. 
Chapter 10 - Behavior in Madinahh and its virtues. 

The last chapter shall deal with the farewell Hajj of Rasulullah (Sallallaho Alaihi Wassallam) and shall also include some incidents from the pilgrimage of some saintly devotees of Islam. 

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