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A Gift For Ramadhan

A Gift For Ramadhan

(Revised 2nd Edition New 2020 Print)

by Shaykh Abdul Raheem Limbada hafizahullah

Prepare Yourselves For The Blessed Month and order your copy now!
With the Tawfeeq of Allah, Shaykh Abdul Raheem (hafizahullah) has again done a great service for the Muslim community by compiling and explaining some common Masaa’il that arise during the blessed month of Ramadhan. His research and consultation with Scholars and Muslim doctors has helped solve many important issues which are faced daily in Ramadhan.

Includes: 40 Hadith compiled by the Shaykh, Masaa’il of Fasting, Salatul Taraweeh, Zakah, I’tikaf, Sadaqatul Fitr & The Complete Guide to Fasting

A beautiful Book and perfect for a gift!

  • Pages: 120
  • Book Type: Paperback
Sale Price: £2.99 £3.99 25% Off

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