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Weekend Learning Islamic Studies - Textbooks

Weekend Learning Islamic Studies - Textbooks

 WIDE VARIETY OF LESSONS - Age appropriate curriculum
 EFFECTIVE HOMEWORK - Structured homework
Text books 1 - 10 and book no 11-12. 

Book 1

The Level 1 Islamic Studies book from Weekend Learning is for 5-7 year old children who can read short sentences and write short phrases. Ideally the book is for the 1st grade students. This is their first year in a formal Islamic class. The book uses easy to understand simple and child-friendly languages and sentences. The book has 28 lessons on Allah, the Qur’an, Islam, Rasulullah (S), the Hadith and Sunnah and 5-pillars of Islam and so forth. The idea is to cover the basics of Islam. For example, 6 lessons cover the concepts of 5-pillars, 5 lessons cover short introduction to 5 rasuls and nabis, 9 lessons cover Islamic values and morals.


Each lesson begins with a coloring page. The coloring time helps students settle down and be comfortable in the class before the lesson begins. Attention span of children is small; therefore, short paragraphs introduce two or three concepts. This is followed by in-class review section to allow for short break and reinforce learning. Homework is included in the book, thus eliminating the necessity to buy another homework book. 

ISBN: 978-1-936469-06-9   Page:152    Binding: Paperback   


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