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Take My Hand - Nader Khan

This exhilarating debut album by Canadian munshid, Nader Khan, `Take My Hand` is a result of ten years inspiration and hard work. Influenced by Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Indian musical traditions, `Take My Hand` is a work of profound poetry and driving power. An extremely popular CD

Track Listing: 

1. The Most Beautiful Names
2. Marhaba
3. Ahl al-Bayt
4. Take My Hand
5. Faslon Ko Takalluf
6. The Sound of tears
7. Allahu
8. The Quest

This album was produced by ReliefWork`s, a Canadian based charitable initiative. The focus is prioritized on raising awareness and funds for local relief causes such as homelessness, food banks, and violence against women and children.


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Free Postage Anywhere in UK*


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