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Virtues of Hajj - Shaikh Zakaria

Virtues of Hajj - Shaikh Zakaria

Fazaa'il e Hajj By Shaikh Muhammad Zakariyya Khandalvi

A book for mental preparation and encouragement for the spiritual journey. No Haji should ever proceed to Makkah without having been made aware of the contents of this exceedingly valuable book.

Today Hajj has become commercialized. Very often there is more show and custom attached to it than feeling and spritual benefits. It has become fashionable to be a haji, and with Makkah so near to our homes as a result of air travel, thousands more are proceeding to Hajj. But in spite of all this we witness very little enduring spritual gain. The reason can only be that men leave home without proper preparation in knowledge and in mind for this wondrous act of Ibadah

Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya Khandalvi
Sheikh Maulana Zakaria Khandalvi spent 55 years teaching Ahaadith. of which 45 years were spent in teaching Hadith.
As an author he wrote many important books. Awjazul-Masaalik, commentary of Muatta Imam Malik in fifteen volumes and La’miud-Dirari, commentary of Sahih-al-Bukhari, consisting of over ten volumes. He has also written a compilation of books on virtues (FAZA'IL)in various different subjects,

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