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Tuh-Fatul Ikhwaan

Tuh-Fatul Ikhwaan

Though the information of the book does not remain confined to a certain community or geographical boundaries, yet there has especially been the great need of the Shafeiy Madaaris all over the world. The nature of the book is such that not only should it serve as a very good guiding light for the teachers in Madaaris and a text book for Madrasah children, but it will also be better served handbook for all Shafi'iy, who wish to carry out the commands of Shareeah. Despite doing down to earth in its style, the book contains almost everything including the five pillars of Islam, besides rest of the world. Originally the book was written by the late Imaan of the Jaami Masjid, Bombay, Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim, Translated into English by Maulavi Yusuf Karaan of Cape Town.

Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distributors 
Author: Moulanna Muhammad Ibrahim Ba-Kathah 
Pages: 180

Price: £4.99

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