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Ramadan of Kindness: Charity Advent Calendar


This beautifully designed Ramadān Charity Countdown Calendar is a fun and interactive product for the whole family, to centre charity and generosity during this blessed month.

By purchasing this calendar, you are giving to several charities and gaining the reward of each cause. Opening one of the 10 perforated windows each day reveals a new charity recipient – whether its providing food and water to a hungry family, or supporting economically disadvantaged farmers in Palestine, your contribution is gaining multiple rewards this Ramadān.


How it works:

1. Purchase the calendar

your 10 charity donations are included in the price!


2. Open each window and discover the worthy cause you have donated towards each day.

This product can be a perfect gift to your loved ones – a gift of endless blessings by donating this charity in their name. Alternatively, look forward to this fun and engaging activity with your family this Ramadān!


3. Gain the reward and open the gates of Paradise!

The calendar is a non-profit initiative by the Islamic Establishment, aiming to create an opportunity to give to those in need and impact lives around the world, day by day.

We’ve worked with Zaytoun, Muslim Hands, Islamic Relief and other well-known charities to help ensure your funds are used for a worthy cause benefitting communities in Palestine, Malawi, Syria, Yemen, Rohingya, Albania, Pakistan and the UK



Is this a Gift? Click here to Gift wrap the Calendar and write your recipients name!

Price: £15.00

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Mo rating
wow this is such a good idea. I am purchasing some for all my family inshaaAllah. the best gift
G. Hazi rating
Subhanallah What a lovely concept. May Allah reward you for coming out with this
romana pir rating
Just bought 10 for all my friends May Allah accept ameen
Fazila rating
Just received my Calendar order, a brilliant idea and such a beautiful design
Shaheda rating
Was gifted this advent calender from islamic my sweet cousin.. N wat a lovely gift. Cant wait for last ten days to open. How thoughtful. Very well thought out design.n wat a clever idea n all for charity. What more do u need in "the month of giving". Jazak Allah . I wish this calender every success. AMEEN

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