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Imam Omar Suleiman Gift Books

Three Great Gift Books for any Muslim!

Prayers of the Pious:

  • Shaykh Omar Suleiman provides us with thirty short prayers taken from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the early generations, each with a short reminder to deepen the impact of the prayer in our lives.
  • Prayers of the Pious provides spiritual gems that serve as valuable wisdom and practical advice for the soul.
  • By reading this short work with an attentive heart, the reader can cultivate love for God and His Messenger and live life with gratitude and contentment.
  • Type: Hardback
  • Pages: 144 pages

Allah Loves...

  • Omar Suleiman explores who and what Allah loves so that we may become one of those who are beloved to Him.
  • Looking at our actions, characteristics, and beliefs, this book will help us become better people, citizens, and believers that are deserving of Allah's endless, infinite and everlasting love.
  • Made up of 30 short and spiritually enriching chapters, this book is a reminder that throughout our lives, the Creator's love is always there, increasing through everyday actions such as showing generosity or remaining consistent with unnoticeable good deeds.
  • Hardback 160 Pages

Angels in your Presence

  • Throughout your existence, there are angels in your presence. But it’s your actions that cause those angels to either praise you or disgrace you. Through this book, we will explore the actions that invite these blessed unseen beings to pray upon you, and carry your name and mention to the One who created us all.
  • Attached String Bookmark
  • Space for Notes at the back
  • Type: Hardback
  • Pages:139

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