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A5 Colour Coded Uthmani Quran

The blessed Qur’an in Uthmani Script. The Arabic text which is used in this Qur’an is the text most commonly used in Madinah and other Arabic speaking regions, usually known as the Uthmani Script. In this style of Qur’an, each page ends with a finished Ayah / Verse, and therefore considered easier to memorise.

Several different colour shades have been used, each representing a different Tajweed rule. The idea behind this concept is so that as the reader recites the Quran; he/she will be able to apply the correct Tajweed rule through the colour of the letter, ensuring that Arabic pronunciation will be correct. This Qur’an also includes explanations and clarifications of difficult words in Arabic.

  • 1 x String Bookmark
  • A5 sized Qur’an
  • Colour Coded Tajweed Rules
  • Explanations and Clarifications of difficult words are given in the margin
  • Includes an index (in Arabic)
  • Script: Uthmani Script (AKA Madinah Script)
  • 15 Lines per Page
  • Pages: 848, with extra pages containing Guidance and Rules of the Quran
  • Type: Hardback
  • Approximate Size: 20 x 14 x 3 cm

 Two Types: Warsh Quran or Normal

 **NOTE: Colour of this Qur’an is sent at random**


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