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Safar Academy Complete Qaidah Learn to Read Series

At Safar Academy we use our own, unique Qāʿidah compiled by our Development Team which is now taught in many Madrassah’s across the UK. This Qāʿidah draws from numerous other Qāʿidahs from around the world and contains many new, innovative features based on years of collective experience gained by teaching students at Safar Academy.

Unique Features: Levels, Quranic Examples, Prophetic encouragement, Complete Syllabus, Detailed letter recognition 

We found that most other Qāʿidahs do not have any chaptering or breakdown of learning objectives. The students, and sometimes teachers, progress from one exercise to another without realising what the goals behind them were. This lack of breakdown of objective is also unhealthy for the student’s morale as they have no short-term targets to work towards and can lose motivation. Therefore, the Safar Qāʿidah has been divided into several sections with each being called a level. In each level, a new skill or topic will be introduced and covered. The level system has proved to be very effective in motivating students.

More Features: Checklist, Diary, Selecting and arranging examples, Extra practise, Marking code, Quranic Script 

To help parents, teachers and students keep track of progress, there is a checklist at the end of each level, listing what skills have been covered so far. This helps to maintain an informed approach to the study of the Qāʿidah and helps avoid students merely making their way through with no consciousness of the aims and objectives behind what they are doing. This also serves as an aid to teacher, parents and examiner who may listen to the student read.


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