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Dalail-Ul- Khairat With Qaseeda Burda (Arabic-English) Product Photo Product Photo Product Photo

Dalail-Ul- Khairat With Qaseeda Burda (Arabic-English)

Dal'ail-ul-Khairat With Qaseedah Burdah (Arabic-English) 
By Imam al-Jazuli (Dalayl al-Khairat)
Imam al-Busiri (Qaseedah Burdah)
English Translation By Dr. Hassan Bukhari.
Hardback 127 Pages

Dala'il al-Khayrat is unquestionably the most celebrated manual of Blessings on the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in history. From the time of its authorship in fifteenth-century Fez by the Moroccan Shadhili sheikh Muhammad al-Jazuli (d. 870/1465), it swept throughout the whole of the Islamic World from North Africa to Indonesia. Countless millions of copies have been in circulation over the centuries with scarcely a well-to-do home in the Muslim heartlands being without one. Princes exchanged magnificent copies of it, commoners treasured it, pilgrims wore it at their side on the way to hajj, and Baraka descended wherever it was recited, in accordance with the Divine command.

About Qasidah Al-Burda

Loving and praising the Messenger Muhammad [may Allah bless him and give him peace] is an essential cornerstone of every believer’s faith. This core facet of the faith has manifested itself in the form of beautiful poetic eulogy from his own time until today.

For centuries, the Qasidah al-Burdah [The ode of the cloak] of al-Busiri (d. 696 AH) has been arguably the most popular eulogizing ode of this kind. As such, it has been passed down ever since by successive and countless Muslim communities, by both layperson and authoritative scholar alike. 


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