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Rotating Finger Tasbih - Digital Prayer Counter Product Photo Product Photo

Rotating Finger Tasbih - Digital Prayer Counter

Digital Electronic Tasbih 

Digital Tally Counter 
Multipurpose: Used for all kinds of meditation relaxation, decompression, active fingers etc.

Prayer beads are used by many individuals of various faiths and beliefs. This Tasbeeh counter is used for dhikr, which is the remembrance of Allah. Short dua and prayers are recited repeatedly to remember Allah.
Assist your spiritual life with prayer. 
This Digital Rotating Tasbeeh can aid focus in prayer. Just like traditional beads in a string format, this digital Tasbeeh Counter becomes your personal and beloved item.
Why This Digital Tasbeeh? It is lightweight and beautiful to hold, making it easy to use and thereofre easier to recite Dhikr
Can make for the perfect gift for your loved ones during any stressful time, Ramadan, or on any special day! It is incredibly easy to use and will be great for you, your mother, your friend, or any other cherished one.
With each purchase, you will receive one brand new, packaged digital tasbeeh counter of your choice! 
  • Ergonomically designed and offers LCD statistical reading of your count.
  • It automatically powers off and the counter can be reset to zero via the reset button.
Colours and Effects:
Wood Effect: Beige, Maroon, Light Brown, Dark Brown

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