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Oudh Salab - Unisex

Oudh Salab - Unisex

The basis of the composition of Oudh Salab is a warm, sweet, smoky aroma of oud diluted with soft velvety notes of expensive wood, flowers and citruses. A veil of spicy oriental spices and musk gives Oudh Salab a special style and depth of sound.

Feel confident and fresh with the touch of Anfar fragrances, famous for the long-lasting pleasant smell.

A beautiful long-lasting and distinctive perfume, which gives you a touch of confidence and freshness


Fragrance Notes:  Oriental

Top Notes: Aldehydic, jasmine

Middle Notes: rose, musk

Base: wood oud


Perfume for: Unisex

Size: 100ml

Type: Perfume Spray

Price: £14.99

Free Postage Anywhere in UK*


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