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Oud Khalifa (Gold) - Unisex Product Photo Product Photo

Oud Khalifa (Gold) - Unisex

The aromatic composition begins sounding with a delicate bouquet of floral notes shrouded in a soft, iridescent aura of sweet halftones. The unexpected beginning of the composition slowly changes, transforming into soft, but very masculine in sound charismatic musk, which, as it moves towards the final chord, is replaced by resinous tones of noble amber.

It is a mixture of traditional Arabic perfume. Oudh Khalifa is one of the famous and popular perfume by world-renowned perfume producer Oudh al Anfar. It is a very nice, soft and long-lasting perfume oil. It comes in an amazing design with a beautiful glass bottle. A well-presented perfume in an amazing curved bottle and top light golden lid, perfect for a perfect gift.

It comes in a very nice and beautiful box, can also be a very nice personal collection or a gift. All you need is a few drops on and it will last for rest of the day, unlike other perfumes where you have to reapply.

Oud Khalifa is one of the top sellers of Oudh Al Anfar, oud with just a touch of sweetness, it has the smokiness and diffusion that you would want in a fragrance, It is a perfect classical-modern fragrance which can be used by all ages.


Fragrance Notes: Oriental

Top Notes:     Sweet Tube Rose

Heart Notes: Amber, Musk, Citrus

Base Note:    Oud Dhen Al Oudh


Perfume for: Unisex

Size: 100ml

Type: Perfume Spray

Price: £14.99

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