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Al Fares - For Him

Al Fares - For Him

Adyan presents Al Faes, this Oriental & Spicy Eau de Parfum. With notes that exude an alluring fragrance is best worn to evening galas and late-night parties.

An impeccably traditional and an integrated blend of Arabic perfume aromas is the best way to encapsulate the Al Fares. With its Sleek and smooth Matte perfume bottle and a highly appealing engraved pattern and writing design in the package does not lack perfection, not the slightest. 

The fragrance itself has an amazingly long-lasting smell to it, it's rich oud scent of intensity makes a single spray more than enough for the aroma to be smelt on the clothes for several days! For usage spray the Al Fares twice on either the clothes worn or on the neck and wrist as this is a perfume which means the scent is long-lasting.


Fragrance Notes: Oriental & Spicy 

Citrus, Musky, Warm Spice, Woody 


Perfume for : Men

Size: 100ml

Type: Perfume Spray

Price: £19.99

Free Postage Anywhere in UK*


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