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Allah & The Leaf - Muhammed Anwar

Allah & The Leaf - PB 32 pages 

Allah & The Leaf is a children's book for ages 3 to 5 Years. The book lets the child explore vibrant creative colours from beginning to end. The literature is focused on rhymes allowing the child to understand the story better, whilst adhering to fundamental Islamic ethos such as no eyes and faces.

This book is about a leaf striving for Allah, no matter what comes his way he knows Allah is close. His firm belief that no harm comes to you except with the will of Allah and no success is achieved except with the will of Allah allows him to stay firm throughout his trials.

What may seem a complex message has been made simple and fun for the child to understand by the use of rhymes, choreography and vibrant colours.

The book is made up of a 30-page rhyme that is simple and educational. This helps the child to remember the story and new vocabulary allowing them to relate it back when asked to give a brief.The text and pictures are made big and distinct so that the child can comfortably identify what they see, and understand what is being read from looking at the scene.

People in general can relate to this story with their practical lives where ambition is pursued through patience and perseverance. A good message for the young no matter the age and what every parent’s focus is.

While truly the leaf only falls by The Will of Allah, the book is an allegory where life is full of obstacles one must overcome to reach their final outcome. The reader is reminded that success is in patience, perseverance and trust.

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