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Emirati Collarless Thobe -  Shiny White

Emirati Collarless Thobe - Shiny White

This Shiny Collarless Thobe is a perfect example of a simple yet smart garment, tailored to slot into your every day or occasion wardrobe.

The Thobe features a round neckline with a simple embroidery design and has buttons with a detachable tassel. It comes in a silky /shiny fabric that feels great against the skin. It offers a classic look and is ideal for both occasions or everyday wear.

Made in the UAE

Product Details

  • Round Neck with simple Embroidery design
  • Button fastening with detachable tassel
  • Two side pockets


Fabric Description

Soft Silk / Polyester Shiny Fabric. This Material is a silky and lightweight material, with easy-care. It is used to make majority of the luxury thobes from the UAE. The material is comfortable and practical for everyday wear.


Size & Fit Guide

This Emirati thobe comes with a length option

Length: Measure from the shoulders down to the ankles, in inches

E.g. if you are 52 inches up till your ankle, you will need a size 52        

Standard Width - one size fits all

Available Sizes:

Shiny White / Cream - 56 - 62


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