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Olive Miswak, Siwak

Olive Miswak, Siwak

Nature has provided us with a wonderful solution to effectively and safely maintain oral hygiene.

On top of that... Olive Miswak!

The Prophet (saw) said: ‘Eat the olive and use it as an ointment as it comes from a blessed tree.’ (Tirmidhi)

Why use Miswak / Sewak instead of a toothbrush?

Scientifically as well, it has been proven that Miswak is very good for gums maintenance and it kills bad odour, overall, it improves your taste buds and makes your teeth whiter. Research also indicates that Miswak suppresses decay-causing bacteria, gingivitis and plaque formation among many other benefits. 

Natural way of brushing teeth. 

It is an organic product.

Keeps you safe against all teeth diseases

Kills bad odour.

Requires no toothpaste.

Easy to carry around.

A Sunnah of the prophet (s)

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