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Wireless Islamic Doorbell (Asslamu-Alaikum) Product Photo Product Photo

Wireless Islamic Doorbell (Asslamu-Alaikum)

Wireless Digital Doorbell that rings “Asalaamu Alaikum, Peace be upon you”

Greet your guests the Islamic way! Fit the buzzer to your front door with the supplied sticky pad and place the ringer anywhere within the house. The next time someone rings the bell, you will be alerted with the Muslim greeting of “Asalaamu Alaikum”. 

Line of sight range of approx. 40ft i.e. no internal walls between both units. Only the outside wall. Any further internal walls will reduce the range.

Tool free installation, ready in seconds. 2 x AA batteries required. Not supplied. 

Price: £2.99

Free Postage Anywhere in UK*


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