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Hawas BlackSeed Shampoo

Hawas BlackSeed Shampoo



Special blend with Black Seed extract to give the ultimate care for your hair.

This Shampoo is rich in protein with added essential oils to provide a complete 

solution to total hair care with a formulation that replenishes natural body to your hair,cleanses your hair professionally,leaves hair soft, full and gleaming.
Note: It is important to know that The Black Seed Shampoo is not black in colour. In fact it has no colour but the manufacturer add a natural light red colour. The Black Seed Oil has a light gold colour and not a black colour too. If you find any product that is labelled as black seed product and has a black colouring that means it has an added artificial colouring.   


Volume: 125ml

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Price: £5.00

Free Postage Anywhere in UK*


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